What is the role of Careprost in regrowing thicker lashes


Researchers have already proved that Careprost works on the growth phase of lash follicles to bring therapeutic results. That said, importance is often given to the length of lashes, with limited data available regarding the thickness of lashes after using Careprost. Buy Careprost online improves the lash thickness while simultaneously working on the dermal shafts and bulbs. But to understand it in a better manner, it is essential to understand lash anatomy in a better manner,

What is the role of Careprost in regrowing thicker lashes?

The human lash, similar in anatomy to scalp hair follicles, consists of an external shaft extending out of the skin with a root under the skin and the bulb comprising the enlarged terminal portion.


Careprost treatment can lead to more prominent dermal papilla and hair bulb diameters in early anagen follicles to a 29% increase in the hair bulb diameter.

A possible hypothesis for Careprost suggests that it binds to the appropriate receptors on the plasma membrane of cells in the regulatory dermal papillae of the bulb. This leads to stimulation of the intracellular signaling pathways triggering alterations in the gene expression of paracrine signals and their extracellular release. This, in turn, stimulates the coordinated activity of the keratinocytes and melanocytes to increase lash length and thickness along with its pigmentation.

What do studies say

Studies conducted to review lash physiology and proposed mechanisms of lash growth have had mixed responses to the potential role of  Careprost concerning the thickness of lashes. On one hand, nearly every study has observed that Bimatoprost, the active component of Careprost, is one of the few medications that enable the regrowth of thicker lashes. On the other hand, specific data about the thickness is a bit unclear.

A prostaglandin analog by nature, Bimatoprost, apart from lengthening the lashes, stimulates melanogenesis for darker hair while simultaneously increasing the size of dermal papilla and hair bulb for thicker and fuller lashes. These effects, along with being demonstrated in animal studies, are consistent with the results of FDA-based clinical trials proving that Careprost has the potential to work similarly.

Comparison studies between Bimatoprost, the active ingredient of Careprost, and other prostaglandin analogs have proven the superiority of Bimatoprost. In a randomized, vehicle-controlled, multicenter clinical trial involving 278 subjects, eyelash prominence measured by length, thickness, and darkness was significantly greater in Bimatoprost. Other similar studies have similarly, come to the conclusion that results obtained with the use of Bimatoprost, But in addition to the benefits, there are a few side-effects associated with the use of Careprost as well.

Along with the required increase in length, thickness, and darkness of the lash with the use of Bimatoprost, excessive growth and thickness of the lashes have also been reported among users in a few cases. Increased hair growth in the malar region and canthal area, excessive growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, and eyelid hyperpigmentation are some of the other complications observed with using Bimatoprost. These complications were reversed within two months of discontinuing the medication but again observed on reinstating the dose.

In other studies conducted in patients with alopecia areata-induced lash loss, very few or no effects were observed even after using Bimatoprost. Overall, the studies stated the improvement in thickness after using Bimatoprost, but on record, documented literature could only be obtained about the observed length changes.

Few studies have documented the improvement in lashes’ thickness after using active ingredients in Careprost, i.e., Bimatoprost. One such study was a multicenter, double-masked one conducted for a year involving chemotherapy-induced eyelash hypotrichosis patients from various centers in the States and one center from the United Kingdom. The study comprised two six-month periods of treatment with Bimatoprost. Of the subjects enrolled, 130 completed the first six-month treatment period, while 116 completed the entire 12-month study. After six months, Bimatoprost significantly improved the mean eyelash length, thickness, and darkness.

Mean eyelash length – 1.99 +- 1.56 vs vehicle 1.01+-1.28mm

Mean eyelash thickness – 0.83+-0.58 vs vehicle 0.04+-1.01mm2

Mean eyelash darkness – -26.46+-21.96 vs vehicle -10.19 +- 15.98 IU

The study proved that Bimatoprost, having successfully proved its efficacy in increasing the overall lash parameters, Careprost has equal potential in working on all the lash qualities if applied correctly.

How to use Careprost safely for thick lashes

To be safe in using Careprost and obtain optimum effects from its use.

  • Use an applicator for application instead of using your fingers
  • A single drop of the serum is sufficient for covering the area of application
  • Ensure that the serum does not leak down as it can lead to localized discoloration on the skin surface
  • The serum is meant for use only on the upper lids. Using it on lower lids will result in it dripping down or giving an unnatural appearance to the lower lash regions
  • After use, let the dermal surface entirely soak before going out in the sun or application of other cosmetics
  • Remove contact lenses before applying Careprost as contact of the serum with the lens surface can result in permanent discoloration of the lens, rendering it useless
  • If the serum mistakenly gets inside the eye, wash it off immediately
  • After each use, discard the applicator and use a new one for the next application
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

Take home factor

Careprost is a Bimatoprost derivative that works on the dermal follicles to lengthen, thicken and darken the lashes. Several studies have shown improvement in the overall lash quality after regularly using the serum. But very few studies have explicitly researched the thickness potential or provided a detailed explanation regarding the exact effect of Careporst in promoting thick lashes. Based on the comprehensive reports, it can be reasonably assumed that alongside length and pigmentation, the thickness of lashes gets improvement as well as a result of the therapeutic effect of Careprost. But further studies are required to better understand the thickness mechanism of lashes in relation to the application of serum. Most importantly, prudently using the medication is crucial for effective results.

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