General Faq

You are required to upload a valid and updated prescription while ordering a prescription-based medication from our website. We are a fully licensed and regulated online pharmacy and fully comply with the laws and regulations for selling prescription medications to selected locations. We acknowledge abiding by the terms and conditions set for our prescription medicines when placing an order. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we notice any discrepancies, such as uploading a fake prescription. We also have the right to impose a permanent ban on your account.
No, we are a HIPPA compliance company, and we do not share your personally identifiable information or any medical information with any third party.
To open an account, you need to enter your name, contact number, email address, gender, billing address and shipping address, account id, and password. This information is safely stored in our system and not shared with third parties.
Upon registration, you give us the right to include your email address in our newsletter, including sending product alerts, new arrivals, and special alters.If you do not want our newsletters, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the “unsubscribe” button from the delivered email.

We accept a wide range of payment channels, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Debit cards/credit cards from major banks and financial institutions. We also accept payment through PayPal and Net banking.

We do not store your financial transaction or sensitive information, including your CC number, number, CVV details, net banking IDs, or passwords. 

Shipping FAQ

Once we ship the order, we will send you a tracking link/code via a confirmation email. You can click on the link to know the current status of your order.Why does the tracking link say “order tracking details not found”?This may happen when the shipment is still on the way to your nearest hub. You may see the message “order tracking details not found” or “pre-shipment” in such cases. We recommend you wait a couple of days and try again. If you still have doubts, you can contact our support team, and we will get our delivery partners to confirm your order status.
We provide free express shipping for orders with a minimum purchase of $150 to all our covered locations. If the order is below $150, you have to pay a shipping charge based on your location, payment channels, and product types, etc.

Yes, you can cancel an order within 24 hours post-order placement. Please note that an order cannot be canceled once it’s shipped from our end. To know more about our cancellation policy, please get connected to our customer care team.

Can I ship the product to the nearest PO?

We do not provide shipments to PO boxes to protect the privacy of our customers. You need to provide your valid shipping address to receive our product. 

Refund FAQ

We provide free reshipment across all our serviceable countries. However, free reshipment is not offered in cases where you have submitted a wrong shipping address, partially/entirely consumed the product, not physically presented while receiving the order, or tampered with the product’s bar code, price tag, or seal.
All orders above AUD $150 are eligible for free reshipment as long as it complies with our reshipment policies.
It entirely depends upon the customs process of the resident country. Generally, you can expect delivery within 45 days in countries with severe restrictions. However, the delay might extend up to 90 days in some cases. If the restriction is from our country, we will notify you of the same during the ordering process. We recommend you check the covid-19 regulations in your resident country before ordering a product.
You can get a full refund of your order if you receive a wrong, damaged, or expired product. You need to notify us of the same, the order id, and the reason behind the refund within seven days of receiving the shipment. You can also get a refund if the shipment gets delayed beyond 30 days from our side if the estimated delivery time exceeds thirty days.

You can cancel a delivery and get a full refund for a product if it is not shipped. Once it’s shipped, we cannot provide any refund or reshipment for the same. 

Apart from that, you cannot refund a product if you mistakenly provided the wrong shipping address, were not present while receiving the order, tampered with/lost the seal/label of the product, or partially/fully used the product. You cannot return a product due to a change of prescription.

In such events, we recommend you check the current status of our shipment by clicking the tracking link provided to you in your email. If the link reads “pre-shipment” or “tracking details not found,” it’s highly likely that the product is currently on the way to your nearby location. You can call our support team to confirm the same.

If your shipment gets delayed beyond thirty days, we will provide you with a free reshipment or a refund 

Sometimes to reduce customs hassles, we may split large orders and ship them in an interval of 5-7 working days. If you receive a partial order, we recommend you wait a few days to receive the rest. Check the tracking link or contact our support team to reconfirm. If the delay exceeds 30 days, you could request a free reshipment or a refund for the products you have not received.

We may voluntarily cancel an order if:

  • We don’t have sufficient stock
  • You have not provided a valid prescription
  • The supplied prescription is not up to date
  • We think you order the product for reselling purposes
  • You have requested a product more than the quantity allowed to you
  • You have ordered the same product multiple times from the same shipping address

Privacy FAQ

We use cookies on the website to collect non-personal information such as your IP address, ISP, device information and browser details. We use this to understand our customers’ requirements better and serve them with advertisement banners. You can disable your cookies, but that would restrict you from using all the features of our website.
When you register with us, we automatically put your email in our mailing list to promote carefully selected companies whose products or services might be helpful for you.
When you register with us, we automatically put your email in our mailing list to promote carefully selected companies whose products or services might be helpful for you.
When you register with us, we automatically put your email in our mailing list to promote carefully selected companies whose products or services might be helpful for you.
When you register with us, we automatically put your email in our mailing list to promote carefully selected companies whose products or services might be helpful for you.

We use your personal information and cookies for:

  • Providing better services
  • Resolving disputes and troubleshooting technical issues
  • Promoting privacy and safety
  • Measuring your interest and customers’ trends
  • Informing you about promotional offers, new products, and updates
  • Requesting you online surveys
  • Serving your adsc
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