Latisse is the first FDA-approved treatment for growing lashes longer and thicker in people dealing with eyelash hair fallout or in those who have thinner lashes. It is an external treatment that allows lash hair to stay in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle for a longer period of time.

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What is Latisse?

Latisse eyelash growth serum is a prescription eye treatment that promotes the growth of longer, thicker lashes. A specific applicator is used to apply the serum to the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid. It isn’t used on the lower eyelid or inside the eye.

Eyelashes play an important role in enhancing beauty of women. Any woman can kill a look with the correct mascara and lash curler. The addition of fake lashes completes the look. However, not everyone prefers or can afford fake lashes on a regular basis. Also, putting them on is a tremendous challenge that only a select few can master. In some cases, using fake lashes cause’s issues such as allergic reactions to the glue used to stick the fake lashes.

Latisse review as an artificial substance that has been used to treat glaucoma. It was revealed that people who used the drops for glaucoma therapy began to grow thicker, longer eyelashes as well. This revelation spurred the start of Latisse testing.

Eyelash hypotrichosis is a medical word for having insufficient or too few eyelashes, and Latisse is frequently used to treat it.

Is Latisse FDA approved?

Bimatoprost, a glaucoma eye-drop drug, has been in use since the FDA authorized it in 2001, and Latisse eyelash serum is a variant of it used specifically to grow lashes. During that time, eye specialists and their patients discovered that their eyelashes became longer and fuller over time.

In December 2008, the FDA approved Latisse, a reformulated version of the same medicine for eyelash development. The latisse generic form is widely accessible.

How to use Latisse?

Latisse should be used at nighttime daily. Follow your doctor’s instructions in the letter. Do not use the serum in excess.

Once a day, at night, apply 1 drop to the upper eyelid edge of each eye.

Note: Increasing the dosage of this medication will not improve its effectiveness. Unless your doctor advises differently, use Latisse in the evening.

This drug should not be used if you are wearing contact lenses. A preservative in Latisse may cause soft contact lenses to discolor. After using this medicine, wait at least 15 minutes before putting your contact lenses in.

What are the things to keep in mind before using Latisse?

Read all of the patient information, prescription guidelines, and instruction sheets that you’ve been given. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Before taking this treatment:

  • Make sure your face is clean and dry.
  • Remove all of your cosmetics.

Drops of Latisse should be applied directly to the top eyelid area at the root of your lashes. Use on the upper eyelid alone. Do not put this drug in your eye directly. Do not contact the drug dropper’s tip. A contaminated dropper can cause an infection in your eye, resulting in significant visual difficulties.

Note: Your lash development might take up to two months to improve. This medicine’s effects aren’t long-lasting. When you stop taking Latisse, your eyelash growth will revert to pre-treatment levels.

Is Latisse safe?

Our biggest issue is whether or not Latisse is a safe treatment choice. However, you let down your guard and put your faith in this drug since it is safe. Not to mention the fact that Latisse is the sole FDA-approved therapy.

In addition, this drug was subjected to a number of tests and investigations. It may, however, have certain negative effects similar to other drugs. However, these are unusual and rare occurrences. Only a tiny fraction of consumers experience these Latisse side effects.

Latisse’s before and after looks are also a pretty good review for how vastly improving is the essence of the product.

How to use Latisse on eyelashes?

  • Latisse should not be taken by anybody other than the person to whom it was prescribed because it is a prescription medicine.
  • Remove your contact lenses before using Latisse if you wear them. After using the medicine, wait 15 minutes before placing your contact lenses back in your eyes.
  • People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use Latisse. It is also not advised for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • For this medicine, do not reuse only one applicator or infect the bottle by leaving the bottle tip to come into touch with any other contact, as this might result in significant eye problems.
  • If you acquire a new eye ailment, experience a sudden loss of vision, undergo eye surgery or experience any other ocular reactions, contact your ophthalmologist right once.
  • Only an ophthalmologist has the medical skills and experience in eye care to evaluate your specific responses and problems.

Where to buy Latisse online?

Latisse Lash serum is a popular choice nowadays due to its effective improvement. Latisse Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution including Latisse Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 can be purchased as Latisse eyelash serum from Amazon or other e-pharmacies. You can buy Latisse eyelash serum online in Australia at a low cost.

Is Latisse available in Australia?

Yes, to buy Latisse Australia supply, you can choose a Latisse online Australia seller or over-the-counter distribution.

Which is better: Lilash vs. Latisse?

When we look at the side effects, we can see that both have a few. Even while adverse effects are rare, they do exist. Both of these options have been clinically evaluated and subjected to numerous investigations. These are the market’s safest, most dependable, and most effective solutions. From the cost to the fact that it is FDA-authorized, Latisse is the greatest option.

Can Latisse be used for eyebrows?

The usage of Latisse for eyebrows is researched to be a choice that is harmless, practical, and well-tolerated. It will take longer to work on your brows because they are different and longer. They make the eyebrows thicker and you can even shape them according to your requirement.


Prescription:  Not Required
Strength: 3 ml. of 0.03%
Generic Name: Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution
Manufacturer: Sun Pharma, India

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